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A prescription (one per person) is required for the following antimalarials:

Malarone, Generic Malarone (Atovaquone & Proguanil), Doxycycline, Paediatric Malarone

A prescription is not required for Medical Kits & Diarrhoea Kits.

We cannot dispatch your order until you have added one prescription per person to your basket along with your antimalarials. Once you have added the correct amount of your chosen antimalarial, click here to open the prescription and add one person to your basket (£10 each).

If you have a prescription from your GP, our Pharmacist must receive the original copy by post before your order can be dispatched.


Bite Avoidance?

Antimalarials alone are not enough! Although they will help protect you from malaria, they are not a guarantee and there is still a whole host of other diseases, spread by insects, which can't be avoided unless you take measures to avoid getting bitten. Your best defence are Insect Repellents like DEET, which deter biters from making contact with your skin. See these and other Bite Avoidance options below, and don't forget- you can get 15% off all Bite Avoidance products using the code "bugoff".

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Insect Repellents


50% DEET Spray and DEET Lotion

- Applied repellent
- Normal conditions every 4-5 hours
- Humid conditions every 1-2 hours
- 100ml of DEET is usually enough for 1 person for 2 weeks

Natural Insect Repellents

Lifesystems Natural 30+ Spray

- Applied repellent 
- Normal conditions 3-4 hours 
- Humid conditions 1-2 hours 

Contact Killers

Clothing Treatment

- Works very effectively in conjunction with skin applied repellents.
- Lasts for 2 weeks before retreatment is needed
- Ensure application to cuffs and collars, any clothing which will be next to exposed skin

Mosquito Net Treatment

- Protects you in your net even if there is a hole or you are touching the net when sleeping.
- Reapplication: frequent handling, every 6 weeks. Static use, every 3 months
- Always retreat nets after they have been washed


Burning Mosquito Coils

- These are very effective for keeping insects away from you outside.
- Can be used to smoke out a room before sleeping
- Will burn for 5-7 hours (unless you snap off a smaller chunk)



- Plug-ins are useful for clearing rooms where there is a reliable electricity supply.