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Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

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Why Nomad?

  • Same day travel vaccination service for last minute travellers
  • Specialist travel health medical staff at each travel clinic provide up to date travel health advice on your destinations and medical conditions
  • Specialists in complex patients including pregnant women, children, people with existing conditions including diabetes and HIV/AIDS, as well as the elderly
  • Yellow fever registered centre
  • Rabies, Tickborne & Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations available
  • All travel vaccines are held in stock at each travel clinic including junior doses and ready when you need them
  • Anti-malarial consultation and supply
  • Comprehensive range of travel medical kits
  • Plus travel equipment, travel clothing and travel pharmacy on site

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Measles, Mumps and Rubella are viral illnesses spread by the respiratory route, via coughing, sneezing etc. They are present globally in all countries of the world and are therefore a risk to all travellers. Often countries in Asia and Africa experience outbreaks of these diseases, however many developed countries also have had outbreaks in recent years. All travellers are at risk, especially if visiting for long periods or if living/working closely with the local population.

Vaccination against these illnesses are provided as part of the UK childhood vaccination programme, and are normally given as a young child, however many people may have missed the first and/or second dose and are therefore potentially at risk of disease. In order to gain full protection two doses are required a minimum of one month apart.

Age of Use Doses Required Schedule Time Before Travel  Booster Required
6 months+ 2 0, 1+ month Up to day before No (Life Protection)

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