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Bugsox Kids 2 Pack Bugsox Kids 2 Pack Bugsox Kids 2 Pack
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Care Plus Bugsox Kids 2 Pack

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Protection from ankle biters for your own little ankle biters. Comfortable feet with bug protection for your ankles all in one. Too good to be true? Not with these Care Plus Bugsox Adventure Socks for adults. These socks are impregnated with HealthGuard - a revolutionary product that helps to protect against insects over a prolonged period of time. It is biologically degradable but will remain active for up to 50 washes.

Mosquitoes and ticks love to congregate and bite around your feet and ankles and this can become quite a problem if left unchecked. Insect repellents can help enormously, but now you can go one step better with Care Plus Bugsox Adventure.

Bugsox Adventure Socks are suitable for use in all terrains and are composed of a mixture of 39% Bamboo Cotton (which has a natural anti-bacterial effect to keep your feet clean and fresh), 30% Coolmax (to regulate moisture levels around your feet, helping to keep them dry and comfortable) and 30% Polyamide/ 10% Elastane (to provide support and reinforcement).

* Seamless, technical socks for comfort
* Impregnated with HealthGuard 
* Suitable for use in all terrains
* Fibre Content of 30% Coolmax, 39% Bamboo-cotton, 30% Polyamide and 10% Elastane
Bugsox Kids 2 Pack
Khaki Grey
27 - 29
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