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Aqua Pure Traveller Water Bottle Filter

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The Aqua Pure Traveller is a squeeze-through water-bottle style purifier employing micro filtration that provides safe water from almost any water source. An excellent alternative to bottled water and much easier than adding tablets or chemical drops.

Water purification in three easy steps; fill, shake, wait 15 minutes and you're ready to go.

Ideal for walking, trekking, cycling, camping, fishing and outdoor sports. The easiest way to create safe drinking water, with a natural colour and without a taste or odour.

*Easy to use
*Convenient and compact
*Produces up to 350 litres of safe drinking water
*No taste or odour
*Kills bacteria and viruses

*Pathogens (including Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
*Chemicals (including VOC's, SOCs)
*Heavy metals
*Faecal matter
*Bad tastes & odours


Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Megan
Lead Nurse @ Nomad Bristol


I always travel with this bottle, it is light weight and always means I have access to clean water.


Clean safe water is essential for keeping well when traveling. Most cases of travellers’ diarrhoea are as a result of dirty food and water. This bottle removes viruses, bacteria, pathogens, bad tastes, chemicals, metals and faecal matter! The Aquapure traveller filters up to 350 litres before the filter needs changing, which is usually long enough for my whole trip. No chemicals need to be added to the water before drinking from it, which means there is no chemical or chlorine taste to the water.


Plastic pollution is a huge problem as a result of tourists. It makes me really sad to see beautiful countryside ruined by plastic landfills. Some places of outstanding beauty are putting restrictions on plastic and canned drinks for example; you cannot take disposable plastic bottles on the Inca trial.


Most of my trips involve going somewhere hot so hydration is key although I also use this bottle in England and at work as I don’t like the taste of unfiltered English tap water. I always carry this bottle in my bag; it’s great for use on the train when traveling around the region. I recommend this bottle to all my clients during consultations as I'm so impressed with how good it is.


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Aqua Pure Traveller Water Bottle Filter
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