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Travelproof High Strength Chlorine Tablets(30 x 25 Litres)

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Travelproof Value

The Travelproof Chlorine Tablets High Strength are an effective chlorine-based water steriliser. These higher strength tablets are for bulk water purification with 1 tablet treating 25 litres of water. They are best for use in areas where water is likely to be heavily contaminated with parasites and are well suited for expedition leaders and group trips when treating larger amounts of water.
Prevent diarrhoea and stomach upsets by making water safe for drinking, cleaning teeth and for washing fruit and vegetables. Works by killing water borne organisms and is suitable for water sourced from rain, river, lake, standpipe and tap water. Take these with you whether you are camping, trekking, backpacking, holidays and general travel.

* 1 tablet will treat 25 litres of clear water after leaving for 30 mins
* 30 tablets per pack (treats aproximately 600-700 litres)
* Chlorine based tablets
* Water resistant sealed container
* Use for purifying water for safe drinking and cleaning
* Leave to stand for 30 mins before drinking
Travelproof High Strength Chlorine Tablets(30 x 25 Litres)
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