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Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag
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Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag

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Travelproof Value

The Sahara Raider Bag  - one look should tell you how we came up with the name. Instead of the usual nylon bags, this one has returned to the basics to recapture the adventurous spirit of explorers from old.

Made from  100% cotton canvas , these bags look and feel different to anything else. The colour and styles are unashamedly retro and will help you blend in wherever your travel takes you. The Raider shoulder/back pack is large enough for all of a certain Ms Croft's accessories, and the Raider converts easily from a shoulder bag  to a back pack.

Its size makes it ideal as a short trip bag or an adventure day sack and it will still be at home around town and office, coping easily with A4 files. Keep it all safe and secure inside too with a  zipped up main section  and then protected with an old school  metal buckle . An  internal organiser section  will ensure your phone, pens and little bits are quick to and easy to grab.


*100% Cotton Canvas
*Retro look and feel 
*Converts from shoulder bag to backpack
*Stowaway backsystem
*12.5 lt capacity
*Zipped main compartment 
*Organiser section with phone section
*Dimensions: L 34cm x W 28cm x D 8cm 

Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Andrei
Store Manager @ Nomad Turnpike Lane


Back in 2008, just before one of my trips to Brazil, I was looking for a bag that was versatile enough to be used as a back bag or shoulder bag. Also, during my travel trips, safety had been always a key factor so I was looking for something that could easily blend in as a normal bag instead of a shiny travel bag. 


After looking around a few shops very few models from other manufacturers actually ticked this box. And to my disappointment most of them were too small or too big! I was getting frustrated about that, when one day I passed by Nomad in Turnpike Lane and a small bag was just near the door caught my attention. The Travelproof Raider Sahara bag. And the price was amazing, good value for money!


It was love at the first sight... I used this bag for at least four years going from amazing beaches in Brazil and Greece to high moun-tains in Ostereich in Austria, near Salzburg. And the best part was that even when I wasn’t on holidays this bag still was with me every day while I was commuting to work. It really is so versatile...

- Perfect for a quick commute

- Enough space to carry a small laptop

- Enough space to carry my A4 papers and notebooks

- Simple and easy to access pockets for pens and small bit and pieces in the front

- Versatile carrying options (on the back, on the side and also in your hand)

- The colour actually blends very well avoiding calling too much attention when you are abroad

- A zipper in the main compartment really brings that feeling of security

- My favorite: a small secret pocket inside the lid

Definitively this is one of my favorite items to speak about with customers as it has served me so well on many trips.

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Travelproof Sahara Raider Bag
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