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Power Chimp 4a Power Chimp 4a Power Chimp 4a Power Chimp 4a Power Chimp 4a Power Chimp 4a
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Power Traveller Power Chimp 4a

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The Powerchimp 4A is a unique battery charger with an independent charging feature that will recharge up to 4x AA sized or 4x AAA sized recharging batteries or a mixture of the two at any one time.  It's a very clever device as the batteries you are charging doesn't necessarily need to the brand, it will charge AA or AAA batteries simultaneously. AAA batteries will need to placed into the included adaptors before inserting into the charger whereas the AA can be inserting straight in.

If you were to charge all 4x AAA batteries simultaneously, the package that comes Powerchimp4A contains an adapter that is stored within a small area in the base of the device.  Just remove and attach within the top of the battery trap and then your batteries.

However if you want to mix and match different the different sizes, simply insert the AA as normal and then place the remaining AAA batteries in a the plastic tube adapters supplied with the unit in any slot.

Not every slot need to filled, as powerchimp4A independent charging feature will work what slots are filled and only supply power to those slots.  It takes approximately 8 hours per charging session.  Once charged the relevant green LED will turn green.

* Powerchimp4A charger unit
* 2 X AAA adaptor tubes
* AAA 4-way adaptor
* AA rechargeable batteries
* USB to micro USB connection cable
* Micro USB to female USB output cable"
Power Chimp 4a
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