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Nordic Grip Mini
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Nordic Grip Mini's

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Nordic Grip Mini's are a clever little invention that make walking in the snow manageable. Nordic Grip Mini Grippers are quality ice grippers that easily attach to formal shoes, boots, trainers and mostly all footwear and making on snow, ice safe, stylish and even fun.  Suitable for adults as well as teenagers and children.  They simply fit over the edge of your shoes with the hardened studs point downwards beneath the sole of your shoes.  This provides you with the grip and traction you need to combat the snow and ice's slippery surface.  

The Nordic Grips come packaged within a practical and stylish case which comes will come in handy when transporting them around and will prevent them making a mess in your bag after use.  You can wear them discreetly by getting a black pair or stand out with a coloured pair.

* A Pair of Nordic Grip Mini Ice Grippers
* A carrying case"

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