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Healthy Back Bag Small Textured Nylon

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Hardwearing, machine washable, water resistant... just some of the properties of these beautiful Textured Nylon Healthy Back Bags. Specially designed for ergonomics, to keep your back as fit as possible. They are fantastic for carrying around everyday items, with loads of compartments and a keyring so you don't need to rummage! Washable and able to squish down small without loosing shape, they are a great travel accessory to just stuff in your bag and have on hand for day trips.


*Practical all seasons bag
*Machine washable
*Lightweight and very strong
*Easy to clean, as dirt does not cling
*Dries quickly
*Resistant to abrasion and chemicals
*Flexible and amazingly durable
*Signature silver lining
*4 exterior and 5 interior pockets plus 2 pen slots
*D ring to clip bagletts or other accessories
*Adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
*Full length double zip opening main compartment for easy access
*Versatile, can be worn 4 ways - cross-body or on shoulder
*Weight: 320 g
*Dimensions: 43 × 23 × 15 cm
*Fabric: Textured Nylon
*Capacity: 7 litres

Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Amanda
Lead Nurse @ Nomad Cardiff


I am not a very well-travelled person, but I do enjoy riding my bike and getting out and about. I struggled with rucksacks in the past as I didn’t find them comfortable, but have now found a bag which fits and is good for my posture, and which a lot of the time, I forget I am wearing!

The healthy back bag is shaped like a teardrop, this is so that it can spread the weight which is in the bag across the length of the person’s back who is wearing it, rather than pulling over from one area of the body such as a shoulder. The more places that a bag touches the body when it is worn, the lighter it feels, and this in turn means that your posture is encouraged to be good as it is not being pushed or pulled in the wrong direction. The bag does not have any rigid parts in or around it, which means it can mould to the body. The shape means that it can be swung around to be worn on the front without taking it off- I think this is handy on public transport when it is crowded and would be very handy for those who are looking for a day sack when going travelling.

The bag is well thought out and has pockets both on the inside and the outside, meaning that it is easy to organise items and documents when needed.

I have taken this healthy back pack out on many a walk and use it when cycling into work on a daily basis, it is comfortable, practical, and I would highly recommend one to anyone who is looking for a day sack.


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Healthy Back Bag Small Textured Nylon
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