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Lifeventure Cotton Sleeper - Rectangular

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A washable sleeping bag liner gives that extra level of cleanliness when you can’t wash your bag. This sleeper is made from 100 per cent blue cotton and has rolled and double stitched seams for comfort. In really warm climates, you can use the liner as a sleeping bag on its own for a cooler nights sleep. 

*Made from 100% cotton with rolled, double stitched seams
*Roomy, gussetted design in rectangular shape
*Hidden security pocket for storing small valuable items
*Ideal for use on their own or as a sleeping bag liner
*Supplied with a ripstop stuff sack for easy storage
*Weight: 337g
*Dimensions: 2100 x 800 mm

Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Katya
Travel Host @ Nomad Bath


My must have product when on my travels is a sleeping bag liner.

Lightweight and easily packable these add a bit of home comfort when you are on the road. Sleeping bag liners also play an invaluable role in hygiene when you're sleeping in 'rustic' guesthouses or hostels where the beds can often be unclean with the quick turnover of guests. The sleeping bag liner creates a simple barrier between you and the bed.

In hot tropical climates, when you don't want to sleep in sleeping bag, you can sleep with just the liner without getting too warm and the material over you will shield you from insects that may have found their way into your room. When in colder regions they add valuable degrees of warmth by using them inside your sleeping bag and they are far easier to wash than your whole sleeping bag, you just slip them out to wash and you will find they dry quickly because of the thin fabric.


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Lifeventure Cotton Sleeper - Rectangular
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