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Aquapac Folding Wallet & Belt Case Aquapac Folding Wallet & Belt Case Aquapac Folding Wallet & Belt Case
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Aquapac Folding Wallet & Belt Case

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Who are you kidding? Discreetly putting your valuables inside your shoes or under your towel is not fooling even the dumbest opportunist". So take them in with you and splash around with confidence with the Aquapac Folding Wallet & Belt Case.Guaranteed 100% waterproof, this folding waterproof wallet is perfect for trips into wet environments, water sports or beach lounging.

The Aquapac patented shutting mechanism comes with a 100% guarantee to be waterproof. It comes with a neck cord and removable waist belt. As you snorkel over the reef, you quietly congratulate yourself on your idea to stash your passport and money in the belt-case and take it swimming with you.

* Protect small essential items in all weather conditions
* UV-stabilized TPU material won't be broken down or discoloured by sunlight
* Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps dust and sand out
* Floats safely if dropped in water
* Adjustable neck cord so you can hang or tie it anywhere
* An adjustable belt so you can wear the case on your belt
* It comes with Aquapac 3-year global warranty
* Maximum size of equipment to fit in case
* Side: Case Length: 185mm, Case Circumference: 265mm, Belt Length: 1m


Aquapac Folding Wallet & Belt Case
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