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Frio Insulin Duo Pen Wallet

by Frio
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The FRÍO Duo Pen Wallet is the most simple and convenient medication cooling system for travel. FRÍO cooling wallets offer Insulin Dependent Diabetes mellitus (IDD) sufferers the ultimate stylish accessory for the safe & convenient storage or transport of insulin.

Frio Wallets are designed to keep Insulin and other medications constantly cool and safe at temperatures of up to 38C for at least 45 hours with no refrigeration or ice needed. It's an effective yet low-cost solution to the problem of keeping Insulin and other medication at a safe temperature without the need for refrigeration.

Tested by the British Medical Devices Evaluation Unit and recommended by hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. Essential for daily use when away from home for any length of time or for travellers and holidaymakers.


* Keep Insulin cool and safe
* Activated by cold water only
* No refrigeration or ice needed
* Light and compact
* Reusable
* Inner Wallet Dimensions: 83mm x 180mm
Suitable for carrying various combinations of pens, vials and cartridges as follows:

Two insulin injection pens either pre-filled disposable pens or refillable pens,
One insulin injection pen plus 2 x 3ml cartridges or one insulin pen plus 3 x 1.5ml cartridges
2 x 10ml vials of insulin

Simple to use:

To activate the wallet, simply immerse in cold water for -15mins. Crystals contained in the panels of the wallet then expand into a gel which remains cool for several days, relying on the process of evaporation for cooling. After activation, the wallet may be towel dried and is then dry to the touch and can be safely carried in a pocket or in hand luggage.

Frio Insulin Duo Pen Wallet
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