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Travel Clothes Line
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Travel Clothes Line

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For the amount of space this takes up its worth keeping one in your wash bag. The suction cups at either end mean it can be hung up almost anywhere. Even if you dont have a flat surface to suction it onto, just unhook the suction cups and use the hooks to hang it on anything from the outside of a rucksack to a bush. It's the twists in the line which allow you to attach your clothes for drying - no pegs needed!

*Pegless travel washing line
*Easy to hang anywhere
*Rubber suction cups
*Hooks for even more securing options
*Unique 'twist' design means no pegs are needed
*2.5m / 8ft in length


Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Karen
Lead Nurse @ Nomad Bath


My children – aged between 19 and 25 yrs have travelled on their gap years through SE Asia and onto Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA


I gave them both the gift of the Travel Washing Line and it's great friend the Universal Sink Plug. The gifts were first given to my eldest daughter in her Christmas stocking before starting her travels in January 2008. Her reaction was mixed at opening them – with the emphasis on the word “Thanks”!!

But they became invaluable assets to travelling – throwing the line between bunks in hostels to dry towels and washing – managing to fill a sink with water to wash or do some washing.

My second daughter had her washing line stolen in Cambodia, which was very annoying, but it's obviously a prized asset for thieves!

My son has just left on his travels with instructions from his sisters. I hope the washing line is used but can imagine the sink plug might not see the light of day!

The Travel Washing Line is a handy and compact clothes line ideal for travelling. It is constructed from an elasticated, twisted cord which allows you to attach clothes without the need for pegs.


Finding your washing facilities to be lacking a non-leaking, mould free plug can be really frustrating! The Universal Sink Plug is small and light, but large enough to cover most facilities, this one will ensure you can stop up sinks and baths wherever you are and stay clean & healthy.


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Travel Clothes Line
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