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Chapstick Original

by AAH
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The Original protection for your lips, Chapstick is the original lip balm and essential on travels to cold and warm destinations alike. The Chapstick Original softens and protects for smooth, soft lips every day. Also helps heal and prevent dry, chapped lips.


*Helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped or cracked lips
*Helps prevent and protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather
*Helps prevent sunburn
*Higher SPF gives more sunburn protection

Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Heather
eCommerce Assistant @ Nomad Head Office


There's one very small Nomad product, which I could not live without and would recommend to every traveler - the humble Chapstick!


I, honestly, don't go anywhere without one tucked in a pocket or bag. I've always suffered from dry, cracking lips, whether hot, cold, damp or dry my lips get chapped without protection and they need protection from the Sun. Over the years, I've tried every kind of balm and treatment, but none of them come anywhere close to the healing and protecting power of Chapstick.


When I was travelling in Kashmir, up in the Himalayan foothills where there is little cloud protection and the air is very dry, Chapstick beat all the natural local remedies and other lip balms I tried before I found the magic black tube in a local Pharmacy. My lips had cracked to the point of bleeding on the Rohtang Pass, but Chapstick healed them completely in only a day or two. It is SPF10, which is much higher than other lip balms. When a couple of days driving in Kruger National Park left me windswept, dried out and sunburned, Chapstick was there for me! I also ALWAYS make sure I have a Chapstick when I'm cycling and in my carry-on when I'm flying, the aircon is a dry lip sufferers worst nightmare.


It's the only lip balm which actually heals and protects rather than quickly soak in and leave your lips even drier. I would recommend it to anyone heading into any kind of extreme or even mild conditions. Personally, I think taking care of the little things can make a big impact on how happy you are when travelling. Freeing yourself from niggling aches and pains leaves you better able to take on any bigger problems with your patience intact.


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