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Travelproof Mosquito Net Treatment Kit

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Travelproof Value

Re-treat your mosquito net to ensure it remains effective in your battle against the bites. The Travelproof Mosquito Net Treatment Kit will keep your net impregnated so that if any mossies get inside with you and when they eventually land on the net, they will die on contact.

This great value kit is also ideal for travellers on extended trips as the treatment has the same active ingredient of insecticide Clothing Treatment Spray. By diluting this treatment down you can make up more spray as you go (5ml to 100ml of water) and keep your bedding and clothing topped up with the power to kill biting insects, including mosquitoes and bed bugs, on contact.

This Mosquito Net Re-Treatment pack contains enough product to treat: 2 x single nets or 1 x double net.

Net re-treatment frequency:   

Frequent handling - every 6 weeks 
Stationary use - every 3 months 
Occasional use - every 6 months 
After washing - re-treat

Kit Contents:  
1 x 50ml nomad residex P (permetherin) 
1 x Measuring cup 
2 x Treatment bag 
2 x pair of gloves  

 For an average size net with an area of 10sq metres (most single nets), dilute 25ml of product with 975ml of water and then dip net for 2 minutes in solution. Dry flat. For double nets, use 50ml with 975ml instead.

Mosquito Net Treatment Kit Double
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