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Tropical Hammock X-long

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Travelproof Value

The Travelproof Tropical Extra Long Hammock gives you an instant bed anywhere, just add the trees! Made from polyester, the Travelproof hammock has excellent durability, is incredibly tough and weather resistant; useful if you need to leave it outside.The twin layer gives added protection from biting insects as well as extra insulation from the cold. Being synthetic means that the fabric is less likely to rot, and is much less susceptible to mildew and mold. This increases the life span, which means you get better value for money. We brought this design back from Vietnam where even the local coffee bars use them instead of chairs. Recommended for use in the jungle where it is dryer and away from insects off the ground. Treat with Permethrin if you are entering an insect infested area. Use in conjunction with a basha mosquito net and tropical quilt for the ultimate sleep out.

* Made from a polyester fabric
* Tough drawstrings at ends to fix to tree, poles etc
* Includes storage pouch for easy transport
* Dimensions 240cm Long x 115cm Wide
* Pack Size: 20cm x 9cm 
* Weight: 495gms 
* Size suitable for people 6ft 1 inch or over

Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts


This bit of kit is by far my favourite, and it has been travelling with me all around the world.

My love affair started when I was somehow talked into camping in Norway using nothing but a tropical hammock and a jungle basha. Norway is not a tropical country! 

Despite this, it was a fantastic camping trip and I was blown away by how versatile the hammock is for camping, especially in colder climates. As long as you bear in mind that you need a roll mat to go in between the two layers then it is the most comfortable night’s sleep you are going to get! We set the bashas up low and close to the hammock, and we never got wet despite the constant wind and rain.

I was worried about being exposed to the elements, how difficult it would be to set up and a whole load of other issues, but as long as you have a couple of trees to hang it between you won’t have a problem. It is also brilliant being out in the open rather than being shut away in a tent. Since this trip I have taken my hammock pretty much everywhere. When I go camping in this country I very rarely use a tent now and I have even used it in an airport when the flights were delayed. The looks of envy thrown my way were great!

I would recommend one of these to everyone, even if you are travelling casually. I have been saved from so many awful nights sleep from having this at the bottom of my rucksack.

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Tropical Hammock X-long
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