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Travelproof Leech Socks

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Travelproof Leech Socks

Travelproof leech socks are made from a tough, soft and ultra quick drying material. These leech socks are based on the actual design worn by the Park Rangers in Thailand, simply wear them over your socks but under your trekking boots. One Size Fits All.
What are leeches?
Leeches are a type of segmented worm found most commonly in freshwater environments such as the jungle or rainforest. Leeches are blood suckers that feed on vertebrates and invertebrates from two suckers at each end of the worm.

What to do if you get bitten
Leeches clamp into the skin with a set of teeth. If you try and pull the leech off, there is a good chance of leaving parts of its head still attached, causing the wound to become infected and ulcerated.
Even if it comes away intact the wound will continue to bleed due to the anti-coagulant leeches release.

The best thing to do is wait until the leech is full; when it is sated it will release a coagulant into the wound to prevent bleeding, retract its teeth, and fall off.

In an emergency, use a lighter or cigarette to burn the leech, or dab moist tobacco onto it. This irritates the leech and should cause it to release - but be careful - irritating it too much (for example, by pouring salt on it) may cause it to vomit into the wound.

Leeches usually feed for around 30 minutes; afterwards, clean the wound with an anti-septic, and apply pressure until bleeding stops.
Have you remembered your Deet?
Remember 100% Deet treated Leech Socks are your best protection against Leeches.

The socks offer double protection with 2 drawcords above and below the knee.

Constructed from tough, lightweight, soft and ultra quick drying fabric, these anti-leech socks are essential when trekking in hot, wet and humid conditions known for leeches.

Designed to be worn over your socks but inside your boots and the material is thin so your boots will remain comfortable.

For extra protection treat with Neet Deet.

* One size fits all
* Above the knee height
* Made from a tough, lightweight nylon
* 2 drawcords to keep them up
* Supplied with storage pouch"
Travelproof - Leech Socks
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