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Petzl E+Lite Petzl E+Lite Petzl E+Lite
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Petzl E+Lite

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The Petzl-E+Lite headlamp is the latest addition to the ever reliable Petzl range. E+Lite is a compact emergency headtorch that weighs an amazingly low 27gms. The E+Lite is designed to live in your car, the bottom of your pack or in your pocket and to be forgotten about untill you need it.

With a shelf life of 10 years it will always be ready for action. Also comes with a storage case and 10 year guarantee. Ideal as a superlight back up lamp for night runners and bikers, general travelling or for those backpackers who like it ultralight.


*Total dependability for years in all conditions
*Resistant to extreme temperatures : 30 C to +60 C
*Always ready for use with a shelf life of up to 10 years
*Waterproof down to -1 m
*Sold with its own protective carrying case
*Designed to prevent accidental operation: switch can be locked
*Performance lighting
*Plenty of light for common tasks : shines up to 19 m
*Can shine up to 4 nights in a row (45 hours)
*Easy to operate
*Strobe modes
*Can be worn on the head, around wrist or neck or can be attached to thin-edged articles with integrated clip
*Light source can be oriented 360 degrees
*Red light helps preserve night vision
*10 year guarantee

Nomad Review
Insight from the Travel Experts

by Antonia
Travel Guide @ Nomad Bristol


This is something I find I can recommend to everyone, no matter where they might be going.

Last year I spent some time in West Africa and for a few nights I travelled far into the bush to stay with a remote community in Gambia. As I had learnt from the start of my trip, the electricity in Gambia is quite spontaneous and can give up at the worst times. On this particular occasion, the community had forgotten that we were coming, and left us in an abandoned bar for over 4 hours while they gathered people from nearby villages to help cook for us. It was pitch back when all the electricity went and with spiders the size of my hand there was no way I would have been able to see the funny side of it if I didn’t have my head torch with me!

Even while I was travelling and camping round the UK, working for a number of festivals and outdoor events as part of my events management degree, I found my trusty head torch to be my savour once again. On many occasions i’d come back from a 14 hours shift in the middle of the night to find my tent collapsed into a wet little pile. Putting it back up however is much easier when you don’t have to hold a torch in one hand.

Starting at a very reasonable £20, home or away, a head torch is something every Nomad needs!

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Petzl E+Lite
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