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Travelproof Dragoman Medical Kit (P)

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Medical questionnaire reminder

Pharmaceutical (P) Medical Kits are not available to 'Click & Collect' as you will need an appointment with our travel nurses prior to purchasing.

Dragoman Personal Medical Kit

The Dragoman Personal Medical Kit has been designed to compliment perfectly with the Dragoman group kit.
Why Choose the Dragoman Personal Medical Kit?
Jenny Moss, Operations/Product Manager at Dragoman said:
"Nomad Travel supply Dragoman with medical kits for all of our overland trips. They are comprehensive, covering all the needs we may encounter. We know that where ever we are in the world our trip leaders will have all the equipment they need to deal with first aid. Dragoman is committed to customer satisfaction and safety and Nomad help us achieve that." 

Jason Gibbs, Nomad in-house pharmacist says:
"I work very closely with Dragoman and their drivers/couriers to ensure they understand their truck medical kits inside out.  I designed the Dragoman Personal Medical Kit to cover the most commonly used medical items on a Dragoman overland trip. This ensures that there will always be plenty of supplies available and that no one will have to go without."
What does the Dragoman Personal Medical Kit cover?
Diarrhoea & Dehydration: Getting hot and sweaty or suffering from diarrhoea will dehydrate you, which in turn can cause further problems such as heat exhaustion and dizziness. Usually increasing your fluid intake coupled with some salty food is sufficient, but sometimes using a rehydration solution, designed to aid optimal absorption of fluids and salts is best. This kit contains 6 of them as well as loperamide that can temporarily slow down or halt diarrhoea if it is becoming a problem.

Pain Relief: this kit contains paracetamol which can be used to reduce a high temperature as well as for the general aches and pains of everyday overlanding whilst being gentle on the stomach.

Burn Treatment: the burn gel found in the kit is similar to that carried by paramedics. It can reduce the pain and damage of all manner of burns such as sunburn, scalds or mild fire burns.

First aid: cuts and grazes are an inevitable fact of overland life. Cleaning and treating small wounds quickly will go a long way to preventing them become a much more serious ulcerated or infected sore. Your personal kit contains a decent supply of different types of dressings from plasters to larger non adherent dressings along with sterile cleaning wipes and a strong spray on antiseptic. Dust is another common problem and your personal Dragoman kit contains a saline eye and wound wash should your eyes be affected.

Anti-fungal treatment: Any situation where you frequently become hot and sweaty and have limited personal or clothes washing  facilities gives a perfect environment to develop fungal infections such as athlete's foot or dhobi itch. The quicker these infections are treated the better!

Allergic reactions: Some people react to insect bites, some to plants and other environmental elements. Your personal Dragoman kit contains an anti-histamine to deal with this quickly.

Sterile kit: Your Dragoman Personal Kit contains a small injection kit for use by medical professionals where sterile equipment is either in short supply or contaminated by reuse.

There are many situations where sterile equipment may be needed - pain relief and fluid replacement are the most common when travelling. Keep your medical kit on you every time you leave the truck environment.
Other important information
The Dragoman Personal Medical Kit is suitable for 2 persons with the addition of extra rehydration sachets, pain releif and loperamide.

The medical kit on your truck kit contains stronger treatments should these be necessary. Remember to add enough of your own prescribed medicines for the duration of your trip.  

ALWAYS keep the original packaging or pharmacy dispensing label in case you need to restock.

*Please be aware, no refunds are available for these medical items. Your statutory rights are not affected.*

*Please be aware, while our aim is to always meet the expected delivery date for Express Delivery, due to the special nature of these products this is not always possible. If this is the case we will keep you informed at every stage.*


Instruction Leaflet
Emergency Resuscitation Guide
Paracetamol 500mg x 16
Rehydration Sachets x 6
Rehydration Spoon x 1
Loperamide caps x 10
Chlorphenamine 4mg tabs x 28
Miconazole cream 2% 15g x 1
Water Purification Tabs x 50
Saline Eye/ Wound Wash x 1
Non Adherent Dressings 10cm x 2
Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 1
Sterile Gauze Swabs 1 x 5
Wound Dressing No. 14 x 1
Assorted Plasters x 20
Antiseptic Wipes x 10
Burn Gel Dressings Lge and Small
Tigerbalm x 1
Lancets x 3
Would Closure Strips x 1
Syringe 5ml x 1
Syringe 2ml x 2
Syringe 10ml x 1
Venflon Green x 1
Orange Nedle x 5
Blue Needle x 5
Green Needle x 5
Alcohol Swabs x 4
Certificate of verification in four languages

This kit contains at least one pharmacy medicine. To ensure your safety you must fill out a health questionnaire before your order can be. Our pharmacist may still need to contact you so please ensure you provide a suitable contact telephone number. Please note the pharmacist will not be able to release your medical kit without a completed questionnaire. Express delivery option cannot be guaranteed with pharmacy medical kits.

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Travelproof Dragoman Medical Kit (P)
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