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Solaris USB 3W Flexible Solar Panel
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Solaris USB 3W Flexible Solar Panel

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Harness the power of the sun into your USB charged device with the Brunton USB Foldable Solar Array. Pack it away and don't worry about the lack of access to a power source, there is one with you all day!

The Solaris USB has all the convenience of solar panel, but with USB charging capability for smaller electronics devices. The Brunton Solaris USB foldable solar array converts sunlight into 5.5-volt electricity for recharging GPS, mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, portable gaming consoles and other USB devices. Plug the Brunton Solaris USB directly into your USB charged device to harness the power of the sun to run or recharge outdoors.

It's full of natural, good for the earth, eco friendly juice, ideal for when electrical outlets are far from reach. Super easy to pack into your rucksack thanks to the lightweight panels that fold away flat. Charge or power up on the move by strapping it to the outside of your backpack, top of vehicle or side of tent when out for the day. The Solaris USB Solar Array by Brunton will make sure that you're not without power at camp or on the trail. And for the ultimate power, team up with the Brunton Solo 3.4 Power Supply to hold all that extra charge.

* Operates with Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) panels, the most efficient thin film solar technology available; three watts maximum output
* Works in all types of weather and in low light
* Lightweight panels fold to 9 x 5 x 0.5 in.small enough to fit into a large pocket, glove box or backpack; unfolded unit measures 18.5 x 9 in

Solaris USB 3W Flexible Solar Panel
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