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Malarone Paeditric
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Malarone Paediatric - Single Tablet

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Please follow the steps below to order your antimalarials.
We cannot dispatch your order until you have completed Step 1, 2 & 3, we highly recommend following Step 4 to ensure maximum protection against malaria.

Please note: Prices listed are online only and will differ in-clinic. Click & Collect is NOT AVAILABLE on Antimalarials. International delivery is NOT AVAILABLE on Antimalarials.


Tablet Calculator
The tool below will calculate how many malaria tablets you require. This is just a calculator, add the quantity suggested to your basket above, then continue down to step 2.

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How to take this antimalarial:

One tablet of Malarone Paediatric should be taken every day; start one day before exposure, and continue seven days after

(Prescription £10.00, must be added to basket seperately- click here)

How many malaria tablets to order:

Enter the number of days you will be in a Malaria area: 


Every person your order is for must complete the Nomad Online Consultation to determine your suitability to take Antimalarials.


We cannot dispatch this item without one. Ensure you add one per person to your basket or send us yours by post.


Bite Avoidance
Antimalarials are not 100% effective and biting insects spread other diseases to. Fully protect yourself with Bite Avoidance.

Post a Prescription

If you already have a prescription for this medication, we cannot dispatch your order until we have received the original copy by post. The medication ordered must match the medication stated on your prescription, otherwise we will require a new prescription or for you to purchase a Nomad prescription (£10 per person).

Complete the Online Consultation, add the quantity of tablets as stated on your prescription to your basket, complete your order then post your prescription to the following address-

1 Beatty House,
Admirals Way,
Canary Wharf,
E14 9UF

Contact the Pharmacy

If you have any queries regarding ordering antimalarials or to verify any part of your order, please do not hesitate to contact the Nomad Pharmacy on orders@nomadtravel.co.uk and our Pharmacy team will be happy to assist you.

*Please note the price is per tablet and is online only. Click & Collect is NOT AVAILABLE on Antimalarials, selecting Click & Collect will cause delays in processing your order. International delivery is NOT AVAILABLE on Antimalarials. Antimalarial orders placed for international delivery will be cancelled*

Malarone Paediatric tablets (Children only) are a highly effective medication used to prevent malaria.
Malaria kills up to a million people per year, mostly children and a majority of whom live in Sub- Saharan Africa. It is caused by a microscopic parasite spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Once bitten, the first signs of illness such as headache and fever will start to manifest after at least 8 days but sometimes months or even years later.
Malarone tablets offer up to 98% protection against the worst strains of the malaria parasiteas well as a convenient dosage regime and a very good side effect profile. Malarone Paediatric is the only antimalarials medication specifically formulated for easy child dosing.
Malarone Paediatric Tablets are priced per tablet/capsule. Please enter the same amount as written on your prescription

Malarone Peadiatric tablets should be taken daily after food at about the same time every day. They should be started one day before entering the malaria risk zone, continued whilst at risk and for an additional 7 days after leaving the risk area. The number of tablets to be taken each day is calculated by your childs weight, so follow the instructions on the box carefully. They can be crushed and mixed with food if required

Active Ingredients
Atovaquone 62.5mg
Proguanil Hydrochloride 25mg

Side Effects
Malarone is usually very well tolerated but may cause headaches or nausea

Malarone Paediatric tablets should not be taken by anyone weighing less than 11kg or with severe kidney disease. No medicine is 100% effective against malaria. It is very important that you try to reduce the number of insect bites that you get in order to reduce your chances of catching malaria.Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Read the instructions on the pack and the patient information leaflet before use

Malarone Paediatric - Single Tablet
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