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About Nomad Travel

We are proud to be celebrating 25 years as leaders in Travel Health & Equipment.

Nomad has been pioneering the art of travel preparation since 1990, combining a kitting out and clinic service that is unique in the UK.



Nomad shops are staffed with travel experts who are extensively trained to ensure our customers leave fully prepared for whichever adventure they have planned. With a product range chosen by travellers, we know we have the right gear in our branches and on our website for every eventuality whether our customers are heading into murky Jungle or trekking across the harsh desert. Nomad offer a free kitting out service to all customers and this can be booked through our online store nomadtravel.co.uk/kitoutconsultation or by calling our booking line on 01341 555 061.

In your kit-out consultation a travel expert will take you through your kit list or one of our specially designed kit lists and help you to choose the right products needed for your trip. If you prefer shopping online then you can use this website to view our extensive equipment range. Our online customer services team are always ready to help you with equipment advice and can be reached on our helpline (01341 555 061), through our chat feature on our website, or through Twitter and Facebook. Our ethos has always been ‘fit for purpose’ and this stands to this day however you like to shop.


ClinicsAs one of the leading providers of travel health services in the UK since 1990, Nomad have assisted thousands of people to ensure they leave prepared health-wise for their trip. As well as general advice about your destination, vaccinations and information about anti-malarials, you will also be able to discuss any health issues you might be worried about when travelling abroad. Specialist knowledge is also available for pregnant women and those with existing conditions including diabetes and HIV/Aids. With appointments easy to make either online at nomadtravel.co.uk/clinics or by phone on 01341 555 061 we really are the obvious choice for all of your travel health needs.


Nomad’s Travel Health Pharmacy has been providing customised group, expedition and individual solutions for medical kit requirements since 1990. Our range of specialist travel health products is unbeatable in both price and service.

Our pharmacy professionals will ensure you are suitably equipped whatever your plans. The average GP is often reluctant to prescribe specialist medicines for travel, especially antibiotics or medicines for mountain sickness. It’s often hard to know what you really need in terms of medicines and first aid items. Nomad has the solution whether you are a gap year backpacker or heading off on a scientific expedition.

Our specialist staff will determine the appropriate contents for your weight limitations, level of training, supplies, medications, budget and environment. Your kit contents will be kept in a database so you can restock at short notice.

You can visit our Pharmacy at nomadtravel.co.uk/pharmacy and browse our selection of antimalarials, medical kits, prescription drugs, medical kits and first aid items, attended to by our expert Pharmacist.

Account Client Services

We offer account client services to companies from a range of industries for both Travel and Occupational Health purposes.

Services include:

  • Medical Risk Assessments.
  • Vaccines and medication services
  • Bespoke Medical Kits designed for groups or individuals
  • Quick and easy invoicing
  • Offsite vaccinations services for groups (charges vary)