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Have a Travel Health Consultation
Eight Weeks Before You Go

About the author


Prof. Larry Goodyer

BPharm, MPharm, PhD, MRPharmS, MFTM RCPS (Glasgow), Medical Director – Nomad Travel Stores and Clinics

Prof. Goodyer is one of the leading international pharmacist experts in the field of travel medicine and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. He is currently the Vice Chair of British Travel and Global Health Association, and until 2011 was the Chair of the Pharmacist Professional Group of the International Society of Travel Medicines.


Nomad Travel Health Services

Nomad Travel Clinics

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Using the Nomad clinic services gives you a one-to-one experience with a qualified, highly trained, travel health nurse.

The consultation includes:

  • A detailed medical history
  • Risk assessment based on style and length of your trip
  • Advice on preventative measures you can take

Your pharmacy based travel clinic is all very well but for specialist advice at the same or lower cost come to Nomad. This is strongly advised if you are on a more adventurous or complex itinerary, or have special medical needs. Nomad Travel Clinics are specialists in:

  • Last minute travel
  • Complex itineraries
  • Travel health and existing medical conditions
  • Open 6 days per week

allowing 6-8 weeks for your vaccination programme, you have time to fit in full courses of vaccines where required which provides you with the best possible protection against certain vaccine preventable diseases. If you don’t have time to complete courses before you go, you risk travelling with little or even no protection against sometimes high risk diseases.

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Relieve the stress and save some money

Why is it that the last thing people seem to plan before they go away is the health side of the preparation? Most of us will be planning trips months in advance; choosing the destination and itinerary, getting the right organisation if it is a gap year or expedition, researching the destination and buying the best gear. After 25 years at Nomad as the medical director I can honestly say that the most stress for the traveller and us is caused by those turning up for vaccines and other medical supplies at the last minute. Of course with some of our clients this is unavoidable, for instance the TV crews who we regularly kit out flying to the next crisis.

There may also be certain medicines that are required for your particular trip where you would find it hard to obtain them from a GP and pulling together a good medical kit if going on a particularly adventurous trip will take some planning.

However, many do have plenty of time and I have lost count of the number of special deliveries, even to airports, that we have had to organise. A few years ago I published a survey of what people considered the most important in preparation after booking a trip; in the 18-30 year old group 50% said looking at what to do when away, 25% thought buying new clothes, 15% mentioned a variety of other things and only 10% thought about having a Travel Health Consultation!

I always recommend that where possible your first travel health consultation is done about eight weeks before travel. Sounds a long time but there are good reasons to consider vaccinations early on:

  • Some need quite careful planning of a course of vaccine over more than a month to have the best effect. Examples are Rabies and Hepatitis B.
  • There are sometimes shortages, making a vaccine hard to get. For instance recent yellow fever shortages would mean not being able to enter certain countries if unvaccinated.
  • If you are unwell at the time it may not be advisable to have a course of vaccines.

Having said this it is never too late to come for a consultation and start a course of vaccines as some protection is better than none at all. Being the experts in travel health at Nomad we are used to dealing with all kinds of situations and can supply every conceivable medicine for a travel kit. However to get the best experience, and also have a look at some of our specialist travel supplies, do come early.