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Lucy Hedges

Nomad Travel Health Services

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Using the Nomad clinic services gives you a one-to-one experience with a qualified, highly trained, travel health nurse.

The consultation includes:

  • A detailed medical history
  • Risk assessment based on style and length of your trip
  • Advice on preventative measures you can take

Your pharmacy based travel clinic is all very well but for specialist advice at the same or lower cost come to Nomad. This is strongly advised if you are on a more adventurous or complex itinerary, or have special medical needs. Nomad Travel Clinics are specialists in:

  • Last minute travel
  • Complex itineraries
  • Travel health and existing medical conditions
  • Open 6 days per week

allowing 6-8 weeks for your vaccination programme, you have time to fit in full courses of vaccines where required which provides you with the best possible protection against certain vaccine preventable diseases. If you don’t have time to complete courses before you go, you risk travelling with little or even no protection against sometimes high risk diseases.

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The Gambia? Senegal? How about South Africa or maybe India…There’s a seemingly endless array of choices for a winter getaway, most offering sun and sea at this particularly bleak and chilly time of year with spring still three months off.

A growing trend in the travel industry for the last several years has been last-minute bookings – sometimes as little as a week before departure date. While consumers usually wind up with getting great deals on last-minute trips, especially all-inclusive packages, this doesn’t leave a lot of time to prepare for your travel health.

As a Clinic Assistant at Nomad, I can’t count the number of times I have heard ‘but my travel agent didn’t tell me I needed any vaccinations for that country!’ this comment is usually closely followed by: ‘and my doctor’s surgery can’t fit me in!'

Typically at this time of year the doctor’s surgery is usually full-up with appointments for flu, respiratory infections and the like – in other words, they are more geared for dealing with sick patients during this period and understandably find it hard to accommodate the last minute traveller.

So, the responsibility for checking what vaccinations and/or anti malarials are needed for a particular destination ultimately rests with you, the traveller. If you’ve done all your research on costs, flight times and availability, etc., and come up with the perfect destination, the very next thing to do is look up what might be required in the way of vaccinations for that destination.

Some good websites to try for this are www.nathnac.org, www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk and of course, www.nomadtravel.co.uk.

‘But we’re only going to be staying at a hotel by the seaside for a week, do we really need a Yellow Fever vaccination?’

‘But we’re only going to be staying at a hotel by the seaside for a week, do we really need a Yellow Fever vaccination?’

The best answer to this is, if you are headed for Sub Saharan Africa, yes. It might be a short flight and a proper resort area, but don’t lose sight of the fact that you are still going to the slightly wild and untamed African continent. Yellow Fever is a virus which has no cure and is sometimes fatal. Unlike a malarial mosquito which is usually active at night and only bites humans, the mosquitoes responsible for transmission of the YF virus are active during the day and are active in cities as well as the more rural environment. There’s also the question of where you stand with your travel insurance medical coverage should something go wrong and you haven’t received the recommended vaccinations for that country. Do you really want to take such a chance for the sake of a week’s holiday?

At Nomad’s travel clinics we are very experienced in dealing with last minute travel health needs, and regularly see both holiday makers and business travellers who have very little time to prepare.

Yes, it is definitely worth it!