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Cold, wet, hot and dry. Don’t be surprised if you experience all of these conditions on a single trek especially on the mountains and hills. When you are walking your body will create a lot of heat, then when you stop you will cool down rapidly. Here are some top tips for temperature control and protection from the elements.

Nomad CEO, Paul Goodyer, has spent decades trekking and travelling worldwide. Here he offers 10 top tips on choosing the right boots for your adventure travels.

For the travelling woman on the go, wear a bikini top rather than a bra – easy to wash and dry, great for a quick sunbathe or dip to cool off.

At night and high altitudes hot places become cold. Warm jackets, fleeces or base layers are very useful. Layers are more versatile than a big coat and take up less space.

With the right stuff, laundry isn’t hassle at all. Traveller’s clothesline, universal sink stopper and travel wash is the simplest, quickest way to wash your clothes and reduce the amount you need to carry. Three outfits will take you anywhere – one to wear, one to wash, one to dry.

Always pack a hat. Keeps you warm when it’s cool, and keeps the sun off your face or neck when it’s hot. Also great for hiding messy hair.

Pack those horrible-comfy shoes. You know, the kind you only wear ‘jogging’ (or to buy hangover food). At some point during your trip, you won’t care what you look like. You will only care about being comfortable.

If you're doing your own laundry, consider doing it when you are in the shower. Drop your cloths on the floor, wash over them using your feet to agitate. Not only will you be saving time but you will also be helping the environment saving the use of detergent and water.

If you want the check in desk to be on your side ask them what the load on the plane is like , their term for how many people and A little bit of sympathy for you and a little bit of sympathy for them can go along way.what time they started their shift.

Think about using a shoulder bag rather than a back pack for sight seeing- your camera will be more accessible for those magic moments as will your guide book, water etc plus security wise you can keep it tucked under your arm.

There is nothing worse than a disgusting pillow. Pack a pillowcase from home so at least you will have a clean cover. It takes up no space and can always double as a laundry bag.

There is a basic rule for not getting ripped of approach don’t be approached. On a resent trip to Colombo I was approached by an auto rickshaw driver who charged me 800 rupees for a journey. On the way back I approached an elderly laid back rickshaw driver who gave me a toothless grin for free and charged me 200 rupees.

It’s said that mossies do not like aircon, not true, It is just assumed that doors and windows are kept closed where aircon is in use so the blighters can not get in. Do be absolutely sure clear the room at night with a knock down spray or use plug in vaporizers.

Always carry 5-10 metres of 2 ml cord with you as a general travellers tool. With it you can make a cloths line, hold closed a bulging bag, make a pair of laces or a strap for a hat, secure a camera and valuables to yourself… the list is endless.