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Staying Healthy

It was an adventure in 2010 to South America that taught Nomad Manchester's Alys the value of having a comprehensive med kit like the Overlander.
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To avoid stomach problems always eat in busy places frequented by locals. The food will nearly always  be hot and freshly prepared. Carry  wet wipes to wipe down your hands, cutlery and cups in countries where hygiene is an issue.

Toilet paper is, sadly, not a standard in many parts of the world. It’s not pretty, but those little packs of tissues sold at pharmacies are a godsend. Stick them in your medical kit.

Bring a travel first aid kit. The following: Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Imodium, cold medicine, bandages, Hydrocortisone cream, plasters. You will not believe how often it will come in handy. Dealing with cuts and scrapes yourself  there and then can save a lot of time – and money – than having to have that infected wound seen later on.

For trips where you intend to do a lot of walking you must take Compeed for blisters and chafing. Not only will they help your feet to heal but they will also keep you going for miles.

Dental floss, not only does it keep your teeth clean but it makes an great thread, wash line for undies and even an emergency shoe lace.

Wear sunscreen anytime you’re outside, regardless of temperature or weather. English afternoons are mild. Other countries are not so, and red skin isn’t a good look.

Always buy the highest factor sun screen that you can find. Then just use less of it than you would normally with a lower factor. This will make your bottle go further so saving you valuable space in your bag.

A small bottle of hand sanitiser in your day bag or pocket is effective in preventing sickness and great when eating with hands.