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Before you head out, grab the business card of the place you’re staying. It’s invaluable when needing help with directions, or to give to your taxi driver to get you back.

Hotels are always asking us to reuse towels until they are sopping wet to save the use of detergents. Buy a swimming shammy and wipe down with this first. It will help keep the hotel towel dry and fluffy for ages. The shammy also makes a useful non slip shower mat.

There is nothing worse than a disgusting pillow. Pack a pillowcase from home so at least you will have a clean cover. It takes up no space and can always double as a laundry bag.

It’s said that mossies do not like aircon, not true, It is just assumed that doors and windows are kept closed where aircon is in use so the blighters can not get in. Do be absolutely sure clear the room at night with a knock down spray or use plug in vaporizers.

If you are going on a trip that takes you away from westernised hotels. Fill some small plastic bags with coffee, powdered milk, tea and sugar. Any guest house will boil you water so you will never be without again. Just watch out for customs checking those little bags of white powder.