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A gift given to Jack, from Nomad's customer service team, proved to be a hugely valuable and much used piece of kit on his 10 month trip to South America.
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It was an adventure in 2010 to South America that taught Nomad Manchester's Alys the value of having a comprehensive med kit like the Overlander.
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Pack as if you’ll lose your bag. Leave anything you couldn’t stand losing (financially or emotionally) at home, but keep essentials on your person.

There is nothing worse than a minging pillow. Pack a pillow case from home so at least you will have a clean cover. It takes up no space and can always double as a laundry bag.

You will forget something. Either at home, in a hotel, or transport. Accept this, get a routine to check the essentials, and hope it is not your passport (or your partner).

Personalise your bag. It makes it stand out from all the others in airports and less likely to be mistaken, and taken, by someone else.

Take a notebook. No matter how good your memory, you’ll see so much that you will forget the name of the city you stayed in, the artist you loved so much, the name of that bar, or restaurant, or beach. Write it down.

Check with the hotel before buying something you’ve forgotten. Many have courtesy toiletries that they will give free of charge, such as toothbrushes, combs, disposable razors.

When you pack for your next trip be sure to check everything works. There is nothing worse than arriving in country only to find that you’ve forgotten to put the f@*%^&g memory card back in the camera.

Always carry a lighter. You may not smoke but you’ll always be able to Light a candle, sterilize a needle and seal the end of a cord or lace. Just make sure its not in your hand luggage for flights.

With all the gadgets we travel with these days powering them up through foreign plugs can be a struggle. Take one adaptor but throw in a three way plug to charge everything up at the same time.

If you are going on a trip that takes you away from westernized hotels. Fill some small plastic bags with coffee, powdered milk, tea and sugar. Any guest house will boil you water so you will never be without again. Just watch out for customs checking those little bags of white powder.

Always pack a hat. Keeps you warm when it’s cool, and keeps the sun off your face or neck when it’s hot. Also great for hiding messy hair.

Toilet paper is, sadly, not a standard in many parts of the world. It’s not pretty, but those little packs of tissues sold at pharmacies are a godsend. Stick them in your medical kit.

Scanning your passport, driving license, debit/credit card and insurance details and uploading them to your own email means you’ll always have access to them at any internet cafe should you lose them.

Take essential phone numbers – home, banks, insurance, embassy – and write them down somewhere safe. You won’t regret it.

The safety pin. Hold up a sarong and broken zip, burst a blister or remove a splinter, turn it into a make shift fishing hook….pack a couple.

For trips where you intend to do a lot of walking you must take Compeed for blisters and chafing. Not only will they help your feet to heal but they will also keep you going for miles.

Look out for concentrated travel wash. One small bottle will clean you your hair and your clothes for ages think of all the space it will save in your wash bag.