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Country Tips

Being hassled by street hawkers is a sure sign your in a heavily touristed area. Walk a few streets away for some trouble free strolling.

If you want to see the North don’t go into Bangkok from the airport. The over night train to Changmai stops directly opposite. Book the sleeper at the station then chill out at a local bar.

When you arrive somewhere new without a place to stay, head for the nearest watering hole (café) look for the most board, indifferent waiter  and ask their advice. The chances are that you’re going to get a really good, unbiased opinion.

If you take a long distance taxi into a city, get them to drop you at a famous land mark near to where you are heading, then take a local taxi. This could save you loads of time and frustration getting lost.

If you want to escape the high rise bustle of Hong Kong head for the expat hide away of Saikung fishing village. Fantastic fresh fish restaurants and a more relaxed atmosphere makes this a welcome break.