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Personalise your bag. It makes it stand out from all the others in airports and less likely to be mistaken, and taken, by someone else.

Think about using a shoulder bag rather than a backpack for sightseeing- your camera will be more accessible for those magic moments as will your guide book, water etc. plus security wise you can keep it tucked under your arm.

If you are going on a trip that takes you away from westernised hotels. Fill some small plastic bags with coffee, powdered milk, tea and sugar. Any guest house will boil you water so you will never be without again. Just watch out for customs checking those little bags of white powder.

Always carry a lighter. You may not smoke but you’ll always be able to light a candle, sterilize a needle and seal the end of a cord or lace. Just make sure its not in your hand luggage for flights.

If you want to travel light or carry luggage only don’t use a wheely bag . The wheels and handle mechanism will use up valuable space and weight.