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Personalise your bag. It makes it stand out from all the others in airports and less likely to be mistaken, and taken, by someone else.

Scanning your passport, driving license, debit/credit card and insurance details and uploading them to your own email means you’ll always have access to them at any internet cafe should you lose them.

Turn jet lag to your advantage. It can take days for your body to acclimatise to a new environment; the heat, the altitude and for your head to adjust to different cultures. Let jet lag be your guide, slow down, rest till the effects have gone you will now be better able to face your trip.

If you want the check-in desk to be on your side ask them what the load on the plane is like , their term for how many people and A little bit of sympathy for you and a little bit of sympathy for them can go along way.what time they started their shift.

Checking in for your flight home is always stressful and we tend to be whipped home before we know we have left. So check in then leave the sterile atmosphere of the airport and say goodbye to your host country. It will enhance your trip.

When flying across North India, window seat on the left west to east, window seat on the right east to west for the best views of the Himalaya and the Ganga.

If you want to travel light or carry luggage only don’t use a wheely bag . The wheels and handle mechanism will use up valuable space and weight.