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Staying Safe

When out walking in a strange city always look back when you change direction so not to get lost. It always looks different when going in the opposite direction. Carry a notebook and put down any land marks to help you plot your return.

Scan or take photos of your passport, driving license, debit/credit card, insurance details and all emergency numbers. Upload them to your email or cloud storage and you’ll always have access to them at any internet cafe should you lose them.

If ever you hear the words ‘no problem my friend’ whilst travelling, watch out, your  about to be lead into a falls sense of security or the exact opposite to what you think is about to happen. Prepare for the worst and seek an alternative plan.

If you're staying abroad for a while it’s always worth getting a local sim card. Just remember to get your phone unlocked before you go.

To aid sorting things out if the worst happens and you loose all your documents. Photocopy the picture page and visa page of your passport, your credit cards and flight details. Hide these away on your person or discretely in your bag. Now at least you will have a point of reference.