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Female Traveller

For the travelling woman on the go, wear a bikini top rather than a bra – easy to wash and dry, great for a quick sunbathe or dip to cool off.

Toilet paper is, sadly, not a standard in many parts of the world. It’s not pretty, but those little packs of tissues sold at pharmacies are a godsend. Stick them in your medical kit.

If you are a woman travelling alone, have a couple of pictures of really small sweet children on you. This will often disarm the most persistent of bothersome men.

There is a basic rule for not getting ripped of approach don’t be approached. On a resent trip to Colombo I was approached by an auto rickshaw driver who charged me 800 rupees for a journey. On the way back I approached an elderly laid back rickshaw driver who gave me a toothless grin for free and charged me 200 rupees.

If ever you hear the words ‘no problem my friend’ whilst travelling, watch out, you're about to be lead into a falls sense of security. Prepare for the worst and seek an alternative plan.

Being hassled by street hawkers is a sure sign your in a heavily touristed area. Walk a few streets away for some trouble free strolling.