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Student Travel - Backpacking Essentials 

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Katya Floyd-Sanchez

Nomad Bath Travel Host

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Using the Nomad clinic services gives you a one-to-one experience with a qualified, highly trained, travel health nurse.

The consultation includes:

  • A detailed medical history
  • Risk assessment based on style and length of your trip
  • Advice on preventative measures you can take

Your pharmacy based travel clinic is all very well but for specialist advice at the same or lower cost come to Nomad. This is strongly advised if you are on a more adventurous or complex itinerary, or have special medical needs. Nomad Travel Clinics are specialists in:

  • Last minute travel
  • Complex itineraries
  • Travel health and existing medical conditions
  • Open 6 days per week

allowing 6-8 weeks for your vaccination programme, you have time to fit in full courses of vaccines where required which provides you with the best possible protection against certain vaccine preventable diseases. If you don’t have time to complete courses before you go, you risk travelling with little or even no protection against sometimes high risk diseases.

Nomad Pharmacy

Nomad Travel Pharmacy has a wide range of Pharmacy items for all your outdoor and travel needs. Browse the Nomad Pharmacy here...

Even as a student I wanted to squeeze in a travelling adventure whenever I could but with so many nifty gadgets out there and a tight budget it can be a struggle to choose what to take with you so here is a list of Nomads backpacking essentials:

Sleeping bag liner

A must have for your pack list. Lightweight and easily packable these add a bit of home comfort when you’re on the road. They’re also a great simple barrier between you and your bed when you’re sleeping in rustic guesthouses or hostels where the beds can be unclean due to the quick turnover of guests.
In hot tropical climates when you don't want to sleep in a regular sleeping bag or bedding you can sleep with just the liner without getting too warm and the material over you will shield you from pesky bugs that may have found their way into your room. When in colder areas they add valuable degrees of warmth by using them inside a sleeping bag and they are far easier to wash - just slip them out and after washing they’ll dry in no time because of the thin fabric.


Everyone hates that person that switches the lights on in the middle of the night in the hostel room to find their way to their bed and start unpacking! Take a torch and preserve your hostel popularity. A torch is also an essential for when you’re out at night in unfamiliar areas which are poorly lit.


For those that are snappy happy or want to keep in contact with family and friends whilst you travel, an adaptor is an absolute essential. It will soon become one of your most precious processions. Prices start at just £5.00 for these and if you’re on a round the world trip we also offer an all in one worldwide travel plug.

Travel towel

Compact and lightweight they wring out almost completely dry, don’t forget one of these.

Money belt

They may not look very stylish but they are really worth investing in especially when travelling to parts of the world where pick pocketing is rife. Money belts are a simple safe way to keep your cash, bank cards and passport hidden from the view of thieves and pickpockets. From £6.99 you may be saving yourself hundreds by keeping your valuables safe.

Eye mask and ear plugs (£4.00)

For some peace and quiet on those long haul bus journeys and your survival kit to sleeping in noisy hostel dorm rooms. Browse product


Gaffa tape this wonder product has many uses; it mends wears and tears in clothing, backpacks, tents and even mosquito nets and it can even be used to seal a camera from dust or water and the best part - no scissors needed just tear to use.

And the one thing you should invest in...

A backpack

- A good backpack is the difference between you dreading each journey on your travels and even causing yourself serious injury. The right backpack should be the correct size to carry enough belongings for the length of your journey, should suit the climate you will be visiting and most importantly fit you well. At Nomad we offer a personal backpacking fitting service to ensure you have the correct size for you. Not sure which style of luggage to go for? Follow this link for some advice by our co-founder Paul Goodyer on choosing the perfect carrier for you. http://www.nomadtravel.co.uk/pg/59/Wheeled-Vs-Backpack