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  The Other Trip Sickness

At Nomad we put a huge emphasis on travelling healthy and being prepared just in case you get sick on your trip.

But there is another type of travel sickness that sometimes you just can't prepare for and it usually starts a couple of days before you fly home. 

It's that painful knot in your stomach, telling you the time is finally here.  

Sadly, after all your amazing, life-changing experiences, your old life is beckoning.

If this sounds familiar then you've just caught a bout of trip sickness...... read more >

   A woman day dreaming about her holiday
  Top 15 Travellers Truths

ONE of the things I love most about travel is how unpredictable it can be. 

No matter how much planning and research you seem to do, as soon as you take that first step out the door, all bets are off and anything can happen.

But there are of course the "travel truths".

These are the things that seem to happen to me with a shrug of inevitability whenever I travel. They seem to follow me around the globe and feel as much a part of my travel identity as my passport.

I’ve listed 15 of my favourites here >  Are they universals or does every traveller have their own?


30 Things Every Traveller Should Know In Their Thirties..... 

With Europe, Asia and Africa on our doorstep, we are a relatively easy half-day and jet-lag free flight away from many different cultures. According to the 2010 International Passenger Survey by Office for National Statistics, just over 75 million visits were made from UK residents for the year.

So with all this travelling, there’s no more experienced a group of travellers than the intrepid Generation X, many of us who are now approaching 40, with half-a-lifetime of globe-trotting behind them.

It made me wonder what you should know by the time you’ve reached that milestone, now that you have all that experience under your money-belt. So click here to read my list of the Top 30 things every traveller should know in their thirties >

   Travel Truths

Uh-oh travel moments & how to avoid them

IT'S that uh-oh travel moment. You’re on holiday and you're feeling like a million quid. Suddenly, you’re feeling more like the lowest denomination note of the currency of the developing country in which you find yourself. 

I’ve had few of these uh-oh moments. Most (or is that least?) memorable was when I was in Egypt a couple of years back and noticed that one of the houseboys was rinsing a lettuce with the town water near a stream. 

I should have realised that the lettuce was destined for my picnic lunch that day. But, come lunchtime - caught up in the wonder of being in this ancient land - I simply forgot. The contaminated water in the lettuce came back to haunt me the next day. By the morning I was violently, wretchedly ill.

But I was determined not to succumb and be stuck for days in my hotel. 

I followed the advice I’d learnt in my time working for Nomad Travel and self-medicated, making sure that I was rehydrated using the powders in my medical kit and getting plenty of rest. By the end of the next day I was well enough to continue my journey. 

I was the walking, talking evidence of the value of “self-management” via a proper traveller’s medical kit when illness on the road strikes. You may never need to use such a kit but it can keep a traveller out of hospital and save you lots of grief and money...... Read More >

  Wheeled Vs Backpack

Chicken or Egg? City or United? Wheels vs Backpack? All eternal questions that require wheely careful consideration (see what we did there) but for now lets just deal with the travel question.

There are many backpacks out there that can help you lug around your belongings but the options can be quite daunting. When most people think of a backpack, they tend to think of one that straps over your shoulder. 

Sometimes people can find that these types of bags can hurt their back if not fitted correctly or they simply don't store enough of whatever they are carrying. What to do?

Travel luggage evolution has seen some more creative ideas that you may have never thought of. Even now it just seems silly that it took so long for someone to think of putting wheels on luggage! Like d'uh!..... Read More >