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Jungle Health

Nomad Travel Health Services

Nomad Travel Clinics

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Using the Nomad clinic services gives you a one-to-one experience with a qualified, highly trained, travel health nurse.

The consultation includes:

  • A detailed medical history
  • Risk assessment based on style and length of your trip
  • Advice on preventative measures you can take

Your pharmacy based travel clinic is all very well but for specialist advice at the same or lower cost come to Nomad. This is strongly advised if you are on a more adventurous or complex itinerary, or have special medical needs. Nomad Travel Clinics are specialists in:

  • Last minute travel
  • Complex itineraries
  • Travel health and existing medical conditions
  • Open 6 days per week

allowing 6-8 weeks for your vaccination programme, you have time to fit in full courses of vaccines where required which provides you with the best possible protection against certain vaccine preventable diseases. If you don’t have time to complete courses before you go, you risk travelling with little or even no protection against sometimes high risk diseases.

Nomad Pharmacy

Nomad Travel Pharmacy has a wide range of Pharmacy items for all your outdoor and travel needs. Browse the Nomad Pharmacy here...

Medical Kits

It is essential your kit contains a strong antiseptic, masses of rehydration powders, treatments for fungal infections and a variety of other medicines. Each day you should carry out a leech, cuts and grazes check. Leeches need to be carefully removed and the wound immediately treated with antiseptic. Cuts and grazes - no matter how small - need to be cleaned, disinfected and covered with a dry dressing. Any open wound can turn into a chronic tropical ulcer if not treated properly. Areas prone to fungal infections (armpits, groin, feet) need to be kept as clean and dry as possible with constant washing with soap and a liberal dusting of talc after drying - a Compact Towel is ideal for this as it can be used for washing and drying plus its rot-proof qualities mean it is resilient to bacteria. Use a good anti-fungal powder if you are already infected. Your expedition leader will advise you what to take in your medical kit.

Bite Avoidance

Some Jungle and tropical regions of the world are the home of the most life-threatening insect-borne diseases. Mosquitoes are your main problem and ticks or chigger fleas can also cause some tropical diseases. Rigorous bite avoidance measures are essential as part of your daily routine. Ensure you take enough supplies for any travel off-the-beaten track keeping in mind re-application is frequent. Keep repellent on you at all times.