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Travel Health Screening


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Our Services

  • Same day travel vaccination service for last minute travellers
  • Specialist travel health medical staff at each travel clinic provide up to date travel health advice on your destinations and medical conditions
  • Specialists in complex patients including pregnant women, children, people with existing conditions including diabetes and HIV/AIDS, as well as the elderly
  • Yellow fever registered centre
  • Rabies, Tickborne & Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations available
  • All travel vaccines are held in stock at each travel clinic including junior doses and ready when you need them
  • Antimalarial consultation and supply
  • Comprehensive range of travel medical kits
  • Plus travel equipment, travel clothing and travel pharmacy on site

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Nomad now offer a range of Doctor led travel health screening services, aimed at the charity and corporate sector’s, based in Central London. We will assess your health and wellness pre, mid & post travel, running a range of test, as necessary, to determine your fitness to travel or to return to work. If you have any concerning health symptoms upon returning from travel, we can run a full range of tests and refer you for appropriate treatment. We can also refer you for specialist psychosocial assessment & training, should you be undertaking international employment or volunteer work that has the potential to cause stress & trauma.

Medical Clearance Screening

Your Nomad Doctor can give you a face-to-face or remote health screening designed to give you clearance to travel. We will run a range of tests to determine your health and fitness to travel to your destination. This in-depth consultation covers everything, and once you're deemed fit to travel, you will be provided with a certificate that you can pass on to your employer. We can see the whole family, particularly useful if you are heading back to live internationally with your family, and will make sure you are fit to return.

Medical Diagnostic Consultation

You will have an in-depth consultation with a Nomad Doctor to assess your health and determine if you have any travel related illnesses. Whether you are displaying symptoms that you are concerned about, or even if you feel well, we can fully assess your health and refer you for any necessary tests and treatment.