Bandana Gameboard and Pieces
Bandana GameboardBandana Gameboard and Carry Bag

The Travelproof Bandana Gameboard. We’ve always believed a bandana is a useful piece of kit and now we have made it even better by adding two gameboards – backgammon and a chess/draughts board. As well as being useful as a headcover, a small sarong, a scarf/sweat cloth, face protector or a towel, it can also be used as an entertainment centre.

Made in high quality cotton and supplied with dice, counters and chess piece stickers, this bandana gameboard for travelling will keep you entertained around the campfire, train station, coach terminal, airport or wherever you may be taking a break.* 3 games. Chess, Backgammon and Draughts


* Wear as bandana or scarf
* Includes dice and playing pieces in small pouch
* High quality cotton materials


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