Bathrrom Cabinet Hanging
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The Travelproof Bathroom Cabinet has a selection of compartments to help organise your toiletries and hygiene items. Folds flat for easy packing and transport.
Folding flat for easy packing, this wash bag has clear plastic pockets which helps with visibility as well as keeping those accidental spills contained.

The compact rolled up size will ultimately be dictated by the quantity of contents (ie how much you put in there). But just in case something spills, it will stay in that section only and not spread through your entire toiletries bag.

Also great for having showers in the dark as your torch can shine through the plastic without getting wet from the water splashing around.

The Regular size hanging toiletry bag has a mirror and hook and finished off with materials that will repel water. An excellent, all purpose toiletries bag.


*3 compartments for organising
*2 zipped clear plastic compartments
*1 zipped mesh pocket
*Hook for hanging anywhere
*Folds flat for packing
*Detachable mirror


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