Compact Towel

The Travelproof Compact Towel means you can say goodbye to bulky, wet, smelly towels and hello and dry off in even the wettest of conditions.

The towel works and feels just like a shammy – dampen, squeeze and wipe your skin until dry. With rot proof properties, the compact towel can be packed away when wet. Another great use for the towel is to stand on in it in dirty showers so your feet stay away from dirty looking tiles.

This awesome piece of gear is light weight, tough and compact. It will dry you in the wettest of conditions whether these be sweating bucket loads cycling around the country or trekking through the Amazon. And since it works when wet you can wash it and use it right away.


*Lightweight and compact
*Use when wet with no need to dry it out
*Will not rot so it can be packed away wet
*Dimensions: 43cm x 34cm
*Weight (dry): 100gms


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