Mess Tins

These Mess Tins are army surplus making them very hardwearing and virtually indestructible. Designed and used by military forces worldwide, mess tins are still one of the best cooking and eating sets.
Made from aluminium, these mess tins are lightweight and easily stack inside one another to save space. It’s also a great idea to pack tea bags/coffee/sugar/cutlery inside to save space and spillages.
The mess tin set come in a pair and can be used as a pan for cooking with or simply to eat out of when outdoors, either camping, walking, trekking or on an expedition. In fact, many expedition companies recommend mess tins as the preferred cooking/eating set. As used by the army, so it must be good!


*Ideal for camping, walking, hiking and expeditions
*Pack contains 2 mess tins that fit one inside the other
*Weight: 180g per tin (360g total)
*Lightweight aluminium construction
*Can be used on a camping stove
*Handle folds inside for ease of storage
*Please note that these are army surplus. Some tins may show slight signs of wear.


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