Designed for foreign travellers visiting the Americas, this non-earthed Transworld travel adaptor + twin USB charger converts the most common 2 and 3 pin / blade plugs to the American electrical system. The convenient ‘twisting’ blades allow the travel adaptor to be used in Australia too. The Double USB ports have a combined auto-regulating power output of 1.3A, ideal for charging small electrical devices such as a smartphone or an MP3 player.

*Visitor to America travel plug with 2 USB ports
*Connect & charge your devices simultaneously
*Fully safety approved
*Compact & lightweight design
*Also ideal for travel in Australia
*USB ports: 2
*Electrical Rating: 110-250v / 1100-2500w (max 10 amps)5v (max 1.3 amps)
*Earthing: Non-earthed
*Product Weight: 82g

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