Biox Aqua Drops

This water treatment is based on the powerful biocide chlorine dioxide, Biox Aqua Drops are the safest and most effective form of emergency water disinfection in outdoor environments.
Biox Aqua Drops are more effective than either chlorine or iodine tablets (working against both crytosporidium and giardia), and leave no bad tastes or colours behind. Unlike chlorine and iodine, Biox Aqua does not react with contaminants in the water to form hazardous byproducts.
The pack contains solutions to treat 60 litres of water and each application will take between 10-30 mins to take effect, dependant on the condition of the water source.

* For healthy drinking water
* Simple and effective water treatment
* Pack size: 2 x 30ml (Activator & Biox)
* One Pack will treat 60 litres of water
* Use 12 drops of Biox Aqua with 12 drops of Activator per litre

Additional Information

Active Ingredients

Ortho-phosphoric Acid <10%, Sodium Chlorite 2.9%



Suitable for

backpacking, business travel, expeditions, holiday, overlanding, trekking


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