Starting out as a humble market stall, Nomad offered a range of kit for adventure travel. Passionate travellers, we tried and tested our offering at every opportunity

Finding much of the available travel kit to not meet the demands of the more adventurous tropical traveller, whose main concern is staying healthy, Nomad setup a first of it’s kind travel pharmacy & vaccination clinic in our North London flagship store

Bringing together a Pharmacy, clinic & well tested range of travel kit, we had created an unmatched one-stop service for travellers. Opening locations nationwide, we have been able to help thousands of travellers every year prepare for adventure

Nomads first location, Turnpike Lane London

A Culture of Excellence

We’ve built a medical team comprising some of the leading academics and physicians in travel health, enabling us to create a truly comprehensive training programme for our travel nurses, office teams and front of hou staff. You’ll always get the best possible advice, backed by the most up to date information. Whether it’s a trek in Nepal, a relaxed break in the Caribbean or an around the world backpacking trip – you can rely on us to know what you’ll need

The Nomad Culture Collective is comprised of over a third of the Nomad workforce at any time and is targeted at the key areas of equality, diversity and inclusion, the environment and community, training and staff development, and staff benefits. These forums feedback development ideas into the company

Investing in the Planet

We work with Ecologi to offset our employees working and personal carbon emissions. We’re investing in projects that preserve and regrow some of the most precious and precarious forests on Earth

30 Years of Travel Health Expertise

Our expert pharmacists have created an unbeatable range of specially designed medical kits for travel. We really have put all of our kits through their paces on our many adventures, and we constantly review the latest travel health research to stay one step ahead

A Living Wage Employer

We’re accredited by the Living Wage Foundation
This means we’ve committed to paying our teams the real living wage. Higher than National Living Wage, the real living wage reflects the true cost of living in the UK today

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Andrew Lewis


Andrew Lewis is CEO of Nomad Travel Group (including Nomad Travel & Masta Ltd). Andrew is a qualified accountant and has worked in the travel health sector for 15 years developing and growing business in Ireland and the UK. Andrew led the acquisition of Nomad Travel in 2016 and Masta in June 2023.

Jason Gibbs

Jason Gibbs

Head of Medical

Jason joined Nomad in 1999, completing the post graduate diploma in Travel Medicine shortly after. An enthusiastic independent traveller he spends his days in the pharmacy designing and preparing medical kits for expeditions, maintaining the pharmaceutical supply chain to the Nomad clinics and creating bespoke kits.

Dr Kunal Patel

Dr Kunal Patel

Travel Health Physician

 Dr Patel lectures internationally on the interface between technology, health education & training. His extensive work within the international development sector, forming partnerships and developing research, has been instrumental for primary care system strengthening and in advocating for greater health education globally.

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