If you are a Nomad clinic customer and have used our services before, we will have your medical records in storage, detailing which services you received in clinic.  Please note that for adults we only store records for 8 years, anything beyond this will have been destroyed appropriately.  In order to retrieve these files you must make your request in writing either by post to:

3 Wellington Terrace,
Turnpike Lane,
N8 0PX

Or you can e-mail:


You have a few options to choose from and prices are listed below, please note that the below fees only apply to locating your records if you last visited us BEFORE 2014:

· We charge £10 for 5 working days.
· We charge £15 for emergency requests (1 working day)
· Your records can be provided free of charge within a 30 day period

In order for us to be able to deal with your request in an efficient manner please could you ensure that you have provided us with the following information:

· A scanned copy of your passport, driving license or birth certificate
· Your name and surname in full (if your name has changed you will also need to send a scan of any relevant legal documents)
· Date of birth
· Current address
· Current contact number
· Name of clinic location visited and the year

Once we have all of this information and have retrieved your record, we will contact you for payment.  Once payment is received we will dispatch a full copy of your medical record.  This can be posted to you or we can scan the document and e-mail it if you would prefer.