Rapid Antigen Test vs Lateral Flow

With COVID-19 rules and restrictions differing between countries, it can be confusing working out which tests you need for...

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COVID-19 Travel Rules: Traffic Light System Replaced

As of October 2021, an overhaul of the COVID-19 travel rules has been enforced. The previous 'Traffic Light System'...

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Fully vaccinated travel

I'm Fully Vaccinated - Can I Travel?

Vaccine uptake in the UK has been brilliant! Many of us have chosen to accept the free vaccination to...

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Day 2 Only Testing for Travel Arrivals - What You Need To Know

A Covid-19 test is required of many arrivals to England to reduce the spread of infection and to identify...

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Amber List Travel Rules

As of October 2021, the Traffic Light System has been replaced. Only the Red List remains and has been...

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