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Nomad have been in business since 1991 offering expeditions, universities, tour operators and individaul travellers a high level of service and care from our 8 nationwide stores.

Our expertise has developed over this time and our pharmacy has been offering advice and providing medicines to the community for over 17 years, and we aim to continue to provide the range of products that you want, at a price you can afford, with the standards that you expect for many years to come.

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Nomad Pharmacy
1 Beatty House,
Admirals Way,
Canary Wharf,
E14 9UF
Pharmacy Premises No.: 1126567

Professor Larry Goodyer

Superintendent Pharmacist
Prof. Larry Goodyer, MRPharmS
GPhC Registration No.: 2022248

Pharmacist Jason Gibbs

Responsible Pharmacist
Jason Gibbs, MRPharmS
GPhC Registration No.: 2038404

Pharmacy Complaints

All complaints are taken very seriously and will receive an acknowledgement within 72 hours of receipt, and will be responded to within 28 days. If you wish to make a complaint, please read the Nomad Complaints Policy and then complete the Nomad Complaint Form.

Should your complaint concern a ‘fitness to practice’ matter and you wish to further your complaint, please read this guide provided by the General Pharmaceutical Council and the next steps that can be taken.

Quality Policy

Nomad’s Quality Policy outlines our mission statement, values, how we meet user needs and comply with standards. View our Quality Policy here.

Pharmacy Owner

TMB Trading
t/a Nomad Travel
VAT Number: 421 4944 66
Company Number: 10172968

Nomad Pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) click here to confirm our registration.

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Nomad Pharmacy Online offers information on all products available to prospective purchasers. It is not intended to take the place of a face to face consultation with your local pharmacist, therefore if you are currently under your GP for any ongoing medical conditions or are taking any other medicines prescribed or recommended by your doctor, or purchased from a pharmacy we recommend that you consult your GP or regular pharmacist before purchasing any medicines online. If you require further information contact our pharmacy directly at pharmacy@nomadtravel.co.uk