We’ve made it easier than ever to order malaria tablets for your trip. Simply follow the instructions below to place your order and our Pharmacists will send your medication directly to you.

For any questions or assistance with ordering your malaria tablets, you can call us on 01341 555061 or contact us by email.

1.Find out which Malaria Tablets you need

Use Fit for Travel or ask your Nomad travel nurse/GP during your travel clinic consultation to find out which medication is advised for the areas that you are travelling to.

2.Login or Register

If you already have an account with Nomad, simply enter your email address and password to login. If this is your first time at Nomad, register to create a new account.

3.Select Your Malaria Medication & Calculate Tablets

Head to the Pharmacy or search for the malaria medication you require. Then, simply follow the instructions on the product page to calculate the number of tablets you will need for your trip and to add any required prescriptions.

4.Your Prescription

If you need a prescription, Nomad Pharmacists will supply them with your order. If you already have a prescription from your GP, you’ll need to send the original to us via post-

Room 12-14,
65 London Wall,
Ec2M 5TU

5.Complete Your Order

You can now add the calculated tablets to your basket along with any other travel kit you need. Don’t forget – malaria tablets are not 100% effective against malaria, we always advise to use insect repellents as well. Complete your order by entering all the required delivery & billing information, as well as completing the prescription consultation at the checkout. The consultation questions are required for our Pharmacists to be able prescribe your medication.

6.Await Confirmation

You will receive an email with confirmation of your order. Our Pharmacy team will review your medical information and will contact you if there are any issues with your chosen medication. Once your order is dispatched, you will be notified by email and will be supplied with a tracking number. Please note – if you order malaria tablets at the same time as travel kit, your order may come in split packages. We will supply a tracking number for each part of your order.

7.Enjoy Your Trip!

Before you go, make sure you know how and when to take your medication. Some require that you start taking them prior to arrival at your destination, others require that you keep taking them after you have returned. Use insect repellents, take your malaria tablets as directed and make the most of your trip!