Why Do I Need a Medical Kit?

With up to 50% of travellers on longer trips to many destinations suffering from diarrhoea, and road traffic accidents being the main cause of injury abroad, a medical kit really does become the most important bit of equipment in your bag. Here at Nomad, we’ve been preparing travellers for healthy trips for over 25 years. The experts at Nomad have put together this guide so you know what is needed for your trip & take one of the best medkits available away with you!

Why Nomad Medical Kits?

On the high street, in pharmacies and well known outdoor stores, you will find lots of other seemingly well priced ‘travel kits’ that may at first glance seem suitable for your trip. However, these kits are usually basic first aid kits that can only deal with minor injuries that you may receive on your adventures.

There is no comparison between the medical kits we supply and the others available. Not only do they include basic first aid, sterile equipment and medicine but, because we have an in-house Pharmacy, our kits include medicines which you would only be able to get from a Pharmacist or GP.

In particular, unlike most other medical kit suppliers, we are able to prescribe antibiotics to be included in your kit which can deal with a multitude of problems including travellers diarrhoea, ear and nose problems, chest infections, sinus issues and skin infections. This means you really are properly equipped to treat yourself when travelling and ensure you can make the most of your time away.

Boots Travel KitLifesystems Solo TravellerNomad Ultimate Medical Kit
First AidYesYesYes
Sterile EquipmentYesYes
Basic MedicineYesYes
Pharmacy Only MedicinesYes

What Kit Should I Go For?

At Nomad we have a range of specialist medical kits designed to cover most travel needs. If one of our standard kits doesn’t sound right for your trip/group, then fear not, we have a pharmacy ready to build a bespoke kit for you, tailored around your specific trip and requirements. We have it all covered! Remember to make sure you’re up to date on the recommended vaccinations and find out whether you will need to take malaria tablets using our guide to Destinations and head to the Pharmacy if you need extra items for your Medical Kit.

Our Medical Kits are designed to supply a single traveller on a trip of up to a month. If more people are travelling, extra quantities may need to be purchased. If in doubt, contact the Nomad Pharmacy.

Suitable for: Longterm travel, remote travel, backpacking, business travel, trekking
Contains antibiotics

The Ultimate Medical Kit is the Nomad Pharmacy premier ready-made personal medical kit covering an immense range of travel health related treatments. Take this medical/first aid kit if you are planning to be away for a long time or travelling to remote areas where you have no immediate access to medical assistance. It comes with antibiotics for the treatment of travellers diarrhoea and a broad spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of ear, chest and sinus infections and well as a host of other vital bits of kit! This kit really does have it all!

The Ultimate was designed to replace the Independent Medical Kit

Suitable for: Remote travel, backpacking, business travel, holidays, city travel
Contains antibiotics

At Nomad we have developed a kit specifically for the treatment of moderate to severe Travellers diarrhoea. This kit is for treatment of diarrhoea contracted in places globally. The kit comes with antibiotics ready to sort out any bout you suffer whilst away. As well as rehydration sachets and rehydration spoon to help you get your energy back up! So you won’t need to skip that party, miss that bus or delay moving on!

Suitable for: Overland tours, group expeditions, remote travel

Perfect for travellers heading off the beaten track this kit can be used for two people if needed with a few minor additions. Brimming with first aid, sterile and medicine, this kit is ideal as a back-up for travellers going away with a tour operator that will be providing additional medical supplies.