Core Medical Kit
Core Medical Kit in PouchCore Medical Kit Contents

Specially prepared by Nomad Pharmacists, the Core Medical Kit contains loads of first aid & sterile equipment for travel plans that don’t take you too far off the beaten track.

The Core Medical Kit is a versatile all-in-one kit covering minor day-to-day medical eventualities for most types of long-haul travel within 24 hours of reliable medical facilities.

Nomad’s Travel Health Nurses recommended that all travellers carry their own first aid kit, and depending on the country that you are visiting, it is advisable to carry a sterile medical kit as well.

This travel first aid kit contains most things you will need for travelling abroad and backpacking for most minor accidents.

Please note: The medical pouch provided may be different from those illustrated.


*Paracetamol 500mg Tablets 16’s x 1
*Loperamide 2mg Capsules 6’s x 1
*Rehydration Sachets 6’s x 1
*Oral Rehydration Spoon x 1
*Certificate of Verification x 1
*Needle Blue x 5
*Needle Green x 5
*Needle Orange x 5
*Pre-injection Swabs x 4
*Syringe 2ml x 1
*Syringe 5ml x 1
*Syringe 10ml x 1
*IV Cannula Green x 1
*Burns Gel Sachet x 1
*Burns Gel Dressing x 1
*Cleansing Wipe 10’s x 1
*Gauze Swab (Sterile) x 5
*Lancet x 3
*Microporous Tape x 1
*Adhesive Dressing x 2
*Non-Adherent Wound Pad x 1
*Plaster Pack (Fabric) x 1
*Plaster Pack (Washproof) x 1
*Saline Eye Wash x 1
*Wound Closure Pack x 1
*Wound Dressing Medium x 1
*Water Purification Tablets x 10

Additional Information

Dimensions 22 × 15 × 14 cm


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